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Lolita Terrorist Sounds-St. Lola
Lolita Terrorist Sounds-St. Lola
Lolita Terrorist Sounds-St. Lola

Lolita Terrorist Sounds bring the coldwave movement with “St. Lola-bunker live session”

Lolita Terrorist Sounds are the goth revival band that takes the art seriously. It is the kind of post-punk that garnered attention and brought a certain inquisitive nature to music. When they go minimal, they withdraw to the bones. When they dance in excess, they ballet on the filth of society’s corrosion. This is their latest single, St.Lola. Take note of the bunker they are recording in. 

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The live session becomes infinitely cooler because of their specific style. The pageantry is worth it all, you sit in wonderment as the music begins. The slow, deliberate bassline is what has the driving tempo. Percussions remain an accent, trying to provide fertile ground for the vocals. Maurizio Vitale composes something as alarming as it is entertaining and portal-esque to listen to. It is the kind of aura you’d tie to an admission of this sort. The modulating vocals derive and deliver all the meaning in the harrowing lyrics. It is this sort of post-punk movement very few could really marinate, a tendency to add more. Lolita Terrorist Sounds is what you get, when your imagination takes a turn into the dark, and returns with more answers than questions. 

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Singles like Prison Song, Shaved Girl & Curse have picked up as the singles from Lolita Terrorist Sounds. There are a lot of routes this band can go, and they’re going to ice the coldwave movement. Enjoy the single here, and follow the band for more!:

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