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Jacqueline Loor-I Can Fly
Jacqueline Loor-I Can Fly
Jacqueline Loor-I Can Fly

Jacqueline Loor-I Can Fly | Levitate

In times of uncertainty & unpredictable changes, people either turn to pessimism or optimism. One is worse than the other, at least for people around you. To chase a dream that was in slumber or to find a new one when you have time to think-that is the search for true inspiration. Jacqueline Loor has inspiration for you, with her new uplifting single I Can Fly.

Using a simple click beat and the powerful stance of her voice to elicit change, Jacqueline does a lot with seemingly less. The song is an upbeat track with a higher harmonic scale, the pitch change itself a natural crest for the listener. With her lyrics, you are even more roped into the ideology of chasing your dreams.

Talking about the quality of the track, it has a great balance of highs and lows. As Jacqueline’s voice exists on the treble, it has been balanced out with the instrumentals-that peek out of its shell occasionally. Her song has a certain rich quality to it after the first verse and chorus, and changes feel and sonic texture soon after. A pure instrumental section to the song with some flourishes would have been great, but that’s just putting glitter on gold.

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