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Quantum-LIVE! | Relic

It might have been close to two years since you attended your last concert, but don’t worry. Quantum release their new single, LIVE! to make you feel bad about it and worse that you won’t get to listen to it live. Ignore the pessimism, and replace it with energy because this song has that wicked zing fit for a king.

With traces of Skyharbor present in their nocturnal sound’s vibe, Quantum are creating raw, merciless, and superior tracks with zeal and passion. LIVE! is no different, with kick-ass riffs, explosive sonic booms within the track and energetic vocals. If you haven’t introduced yourself to this invigorating thunder of Quantum yet, I suggest you start with RISE. & work yourself up here.

Opening with reverberating synths & guitar, it foreshadows an explosion a while away. The while doesn’t last too long luckily, and we are underway before the ten second mark. The drums drill inside the sullen concrete of reverb and the band joins forces, creating something beautiful and sharing it with the world.

There is a surprise genre change section in the song in the middle, and it sounds great. The vibes are completely different but the instrumentals are in the same frequency, so it gels. LIVE! will be a great track to listen to live, like I lamented earlier.

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