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DaeMarcus – Trials & Errors | Parallels to Ponder

Adam Araujo, better known by his stage name DaeMarcus based out of New Bedford Massachusetts, has released his new album ‘Trials & Errors’. The New album has 10 unique compositions that touch on such complex emotional nerves that the songs are instantly relevant and connect with. One of the most highlighted aspects of the soundtracks is the songwriting, which draws so much attention to have a thorough listening experience.

The songs’ vibes are also maintained fresh, which creates an ear-pleasing ambience that invites new ears to join in. The arrangements also include inspirations from other genres of music and have blended so many different colours from life that truly scouts through the appropriate emotions and really makes us feel precisely how we are meant to feel.

I’d want to focus on the songwriting part of the album, which I found to be really enjoyable in the majority of the tracks. The words are truly sincere, and the fact that it touches on such delicate subtleties in a relationship or on oneself is fascinating. Don’t Wait, Broken Clay, Over the Hill, and You and Me are just a few of the songs that take us on a journey with their excellent descriptive writing.

I enjoyed how different anecdotes or analogies are seamlessly blended into the narrative, creating a visual reference for the listeners to connect with. The enthusiasm in songs like This Is It, The Cut is so wonderful. The free flowing style of the verses does produce a nice tone which further assists the soundtrack to resonate with life.

There are so many great arrangement ideas in the songs. We get to hear everything from warm piano to bright, happy guitar strumming, which truly covers the spectrum with a wide range of emotions. Songs like As I Am also got a wonderful exquisite strings arrangements which really raise the emotion of the performance substantially. We particularly love the soothing environment created by songs like That’s Alright, which vividly depicts the various colours of affection.

We also listen to compositions with an experimental sonic palette, such as Seesaw, which blends such electronic sounds that truly brings out the conflict in the complex feeling. As a result, I believe Adam achieved a great deal of variation in conveying the mix of emotions through amazing arranging concepts.

In a nutshell, I believe the song goes to great lengths to explore such complicated interior feelings. As a result, the pieces might be considered to be extremely relatable as life transitions. The songs strike a chord with you at various points in your life. To be able to depict such tremendous analogies from life with such accuracy and depth, it takes a lot of insight and clarity.

The song’s structure enhances the apparent movement of the music, which has such seamless transitions and a steady flow. The Soundtrack concludes with Seventeen, an extended composition that is both brilliantly sung and composed. I am confident that the songs will resonate among all listeners and that they will stay with them for a long time.

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