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Jon Doe-Othello
Jon Doe-Othello
Jon Doe-Othello

Jon Doe-Othello | A magical premise

Jon Doe might be slang for your ID. It might also be a really funky, catchy young band to listen to. In this case, for obvious reasons, it is the latter. Their latest endeavour is called Othello, a funky, indie rock track that has mesmerizing chorus sections and a funk based verse sponge bed that just won’t quit. Let’s get into it.

They might have released their EP Blurry Flurry this year, but they aren’t going to stop. Radio hits run in their blood, and they have no plans of slowing down. Othello is a new generation take on the classic tale, lies and deceit prevailing. For quite a dense premise, Jon Doe do a decent job of making a dance floor hit. The guitars have the jangle at the right tempo, the chorus sees the band coming together as a whole and there are sweet, well-planned solos or flourishes spread evenly throughout the track. The outro solo takes the cake for sure though.

They’ve been constantly having fun in the studio, their albums suggest. With sugary, short treats like the ones they put out, it’s surprising that their knack of sliding between genres hasn’t been applauded. Take their Incubus style single from 2018, showing their diverse range and ability to shift the mould with ease. They’ve been on fire since the pandemic, so better pray that you can pace yourself like them.

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