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Life Force Lullaby – Lee Miller Matsos | Introspection

Imagine you wake up on a bright Friday morning in Los Angeles in the middle of winter, with the wind striking you just right and nice music playing in the background to wake you up– the kind that gets drowned in the background until you sit down with your cup of coffee to listen to the lyrics– and then it strikes you. “Life Force Lullaby” by Lee Miller Matsos is one of those songs I imagine would do that to you. Keep reading my review of this song to know more!

Contrary to my usual style of talking about music in my articles, I will start with the atmosphere that this song presents. In me, it evoked a sense of happy wistfulness, the kind you feel when you miss somebody but know holds a dear place in a corner of your mind. The lyricism definitely reflects that, and the theme reflective of the same.

When it comes to how the lyrics are actually delivered, I had no complaints about the vocal delivery– it is potent, to the point, and gets the message across more than gracefully– with the simple melodies that make this an immediate earworm, gifted further by the beautiful piano playing in the background, and the picked guitar lines playing second fiddle (sorry, bad pun) to the rest of the presentation. The addition of organic-sounding percussion that sounds layered and meticulous also adds in extra ear candy to the discerning listener.

The production keeps coherence throughout the runtime of the track and is befitting of a theme and tracks like “Life Force Lullaby”, as the song settles into a nice midtempo groove that I found enjoyable no matter the time of the day, or what I was up to at that moment. That, I think, is what truly makes a song beautiful.

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