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Jack Hinks-The Emperor
Jack Hinks-The Emperor
Jack Hinks-The Emperor

Jack Hinks-The Emperor | Introspect

It is difficult to find your niche in the art of music when many styles are discovered every day. After the dawn of the internet era and how it connects things, it might be more complex. Jack Hinks breaks the ice on that notion, finds a true and individual sound that is introspective, and rich in musicality. The Emperor is the climax chapter in Jack Hinks’ great novel.

Pulsating with generous guitar reverb and an enchanting, echoing tone, The Emperor is a burgeoning account of change in a time where it seems common. It tells the tale you’ve heard before with brilliant vocal rises and falls, daedal layers of instruments, although minimal. It focuses on the liminal space of sound to make you yearn for more. The rarity of the saxophone is a powerful concept, used perceptively throughout the track.

Replete with symphonic flourishes of an experienced instrumentalist, Jack Hinks proceeds to let the story be told with a great narrative. The script is proofread, the story is set and all that is left to do is relate it with the tools you have. If the throne is musical ingenuity, Hinks very well might be the emperor of his own style.

The sound has traveled a great distance since his 2016 album Icarus, more polished and detail in terms of sound quality and rendering of emotions. His last few singles have been stimulating in terms of audio, something listeners will enjoy.

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