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Reckless – Imelda Gabs | Power Femme

Lush landscapes, cinematic progressions and beautifully sung melodic lines defined my experience listening to “Reckless” by Imelda Gabs. This track is not like many I have had the pleasure of listening to, and I mean that in the best ways possible. Keep reading to find out why.

When it comes to cinematic pieces like these, I have always turned to Ruelle, her voice and production, to me, are the gold standard in this genre. It is my pleasure to note that when switching to this song from one of her works, I felt nowhere that I was listening to something more amateur. There is just as much polish, if not more power in the delivery in the presentation, with the way the strings soft piano rang in my head, forming the ultimate metaphor for minimalistic power, all tied together neatly in a bowtie for endless ear candy.

The vocals are outstanding, to say the very least about them. There is amazing power and attack throughout the song, with the lyrics shining through as the kind of nihil and wistful that would strike you just right if you weren’t looking, and even better if you were. It is truly something to be experienced yourself, as through my repertoire of words, I could not find quite something that would describe it better than that it sounds absolutely beautiful, the way it is delivered and produced.

When there are fewer elements in a mix than the average rock number, each second counts that much more, and every element stands out more. I am glad to report that in the case of “Reckless”, the minimalistic instrumentation is all that is needed to make this absolute cracker of a song– going further to advocate my love of beautifully minimal production.

With “Reckless”, Imelda Gabs truly brings something enjoyable and introspective to the table. It is not often that I am left thus impressed with the music, but I’m glad this is one of those instances. Check out “Reckless” by Imelda Gabs here!

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