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Max M - Renaissance | Electronic | Deep Electronic
Max M - Renaissance | Electronic | Deep Electronic

Max M – Renaissance | Deep Electronic

Max M is a French electronic music artist who has been active in the underground techno scene since the early 1990s. He is known for his experimental, deep and abstract approach to electronic music, incorporating elements of ambient noise, and industrial music into his work.

Max M began his musical career as a DJ, playing at clubs and underground parties throughout the city. He quickly gained a reputation for his unique and innovative sets, and began producing his own music soon. Over the years, Max M has released a number of highly regarded albums and EPs on a variety of labels. Max M’s work has been influential on a generation of electronic music producers and DJs, and he continues to push the boundaries of techno with his innovative and experimental approach.

Max M’s latest album, “The Renaissance,” is an impressive collection of deep electronic music that showcases his unique style and sound. The album features electronic dance music with elements ranging from hip-hop to electronic to jazz, all blended together in a way that creates a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience.

‘Underwater’ is a track in this album that has some amazing vocals and lyrics that just feel tropical and upbeat. A perfect track for a warm summer evening by the beach. Immaculate vibes and extremely dance able music. I absolutely love this style of mixing electronic and tropical dance beat to amalgamate into a kind of afro-beat island vibe.

While ‘Never Wanna Leave’ is a very straightforward electronic dance music track. Very predictable arrangement, that is predominant in the EDM scene. What stand out is the slightly different drop that sounds really deep and peppy. But what I really appreciate is the manipulation of the vocal samples to create an amazing experience for the listener. It stands out more than the rest of the music. Its not easy to master vocals and manipulate with as much ease as Max M.

The album ends with a track featuring Chris Willis vocals and Della Ciprian – ‘If this is what it feels like’. With this track, its official that this album is a roller-coaster of styles. The last track is completely vocal focused but has a very nice electronic background that keeps the listener hooked. There is a really nice anticipatory phase before the drop, and when the track switches to its peak, it does not disappoint.

The production is top-notch, with each track having its own distinct sound and atmosphere. The lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful, and the instrumentation is creative and engaging. Overall, this is an album that will appeal to a wide range of listeners, from hip-hop fans to electronic music aficionados and whatever is in between! An upbeat album that just takes control of the listener, just like the rat did in ‘Ratatouille’.

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