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Alessia – Home | Upbeat R&B

Italy-born, London-based singer/songwriter Alessia started singing and writing music at a very young age. Ever since she began performing in choirs, she has been fascinated by the world of music, and now is an emerging pop/R&B artist with fans all over the world! Her latest release ‘Home’ showcases her versatile singing style over modern electronic beats and infectious melodies – one of those songs you’ll have a hard time getting out of your head!

Inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse and Anne-Marie, Alessia incorporates a similar emotive singing style with a modern touch. Through easy-to-listen lyricism and emotive singing, she describes the feeling of going out into the world by herself on her latest release. A blend of wide harmonies and backing vocals further add depth to her powerful voice, highlighting the playful melodies. –“That’s my name on the door but it isn’t my home / I’ve got all of these keys but nowhere to go / That’s my bag on the floor I’m out ready to go again / Better hurry, I’m kinda worried, might regret”.

With a blend of soft synths and pads, the track flows through seamlessly between the transitions. I really liked the bright acoustic guitar strumming towards the end, which adds a nice colour to the bridge and enhances the impact of the final chorus excellently. Though personally, I felt the mix could have been better, vocals-wise, Alessia’s strong performance on this track definitely shines through and the fact that her story would resonate with a wide audience makes her one of the artists you shouldn’t miss!

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