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all in meeking
all in meeking

Meeking – All In

When you build a whole song off a poker metaphor (or so it may seem at first glance), there’s bound to be a reference or two; and “Meeking – All In” spares no effort to present itself as the engaging, catchy number is.

It’s got everything- well-written guitar riffs, complex time-signature drums, with interesting chord choices; couple that with brilliantly processed vocals that manage to sound punchy and potent no matter what, and we’ve got a winning hand, if you may excuse the pun.

The song starts off with a minimal our-on-the-floor beat with the vocals taking up the centre stage and doing most of the heavy lifting till the first chorus; after that, it’s a wave ride between relaxed and ballad-like, and all-out heavy rock number. The energy changes brilliantly; and it never fails to amaze regardless of the number of times one listens to this song.

The mix is tight and cohesive- the compression on the drums drive them far and give them a characteristic sound that one can liken to rock, and good rock at that. The vocalist deserves special mention for accurate delivery of the lyrics, as well as carrying the vibe of the song in a memorable way.

Overall, “Meeking – All In” is a fresh start to your day when you seek that little something extra to make your day all that more interesting. Great choices, polished presentation. Check it out here!

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Discovered via http://musosoup.com

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