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Ghost Girl – Juliet Callahan | Femme

The new age of rap-laden synth-infused pop leaves the singer of today with a lot of room to experiment, find their sound, and push the boundaries of what a signature sound can sound like. With “Ghost Girl”, that is precisely what Juliet Callahan does– or so I think. Keep reading for my review of “Ghost Girl” by Juliet Callahan; the small pieces add up to make this the track it is.

When it comes to the kind of music that Juliet Callahan produced in this release, I instinctively likened it to the style with Elley Duhé of “Middle Of The Night” fame– but rewound four years, to her debut tracks, “Immortal” being the standout. Think of that track, and pair it with a more effective delivery; with mellower melodies that sound more thought-provoking– and you start to make “Ghost Girl”.

It is far from just that, however. The track jumps at you with how much room there is on the track, for all the elements dally with each other; while still adhering to the formula that Juliet establishes early on in the song, with her tight, front-and-centre delivery. There are a lot of elements that fill up the room with pure acoustic pleasure as the seconds roll on in this song, with the distant, roomy synths trademarking this sound as Juliet’s own.

The mix is powerful, with the bass beautifully laid out in the centre with the vocals playing the perfect partner to the rest of the ensemble, and this sounded thoroughly impressive to me, right from the first listen. The mix pops with life, and made for a very cohesive, very engaging listen overall. Check out “Ghost Girl” by Juliet Callahan here!

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