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Mason County Line – Divining Rod | Country

Divining Rod brings together the best elements of laid-back country rock with an atmosphere that would befit a nice summer afternoon rock gig with their latest release, “Mason County Line”. How they manage to blend these elements and manage to create something that is enjoyable to listen to– in the very understatement; truth be told, how much I loved listening to this song, is something that I will be talking about during my review of “Mason County Line”.

With positive, uplifting lyrics that are sure to bring a smile to your face and instruments that have a beautiful old-school charm to them, especially the guitars and the drumming, I found “Mason County Line” to be an enjoyable listen from start to end, during my time listening and evaluating this song for this article.

The vocals are delivered rather well, with a lot of polish evident in the mixing that makes me think that this song had some very real, very deliberate effort invested into it. With the kind of mix and the atmosphere that Divining Rod manage to create, I could immediately feel my head swinging to the rhythm, my mouth starting to form the syllables to the lyrics– at which point I would hallmark this as a well-written, well-executed number in the best sense of the word.

“Mason County Line” by Divining Rod is a refreshing golden yellow era throwback, a far cry from the made-on-a-computer kind of feel that modern music tends to have; with its rustic charm making this a favourite of mine through this week. Give it a listen here!

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