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Helen – Morals | Alluring

Helen is an independent musician who writes, composes, and performs her own music. Her passion for R&B and Pop music, combined with her distinct vocals, has propelled her to the forefront of the DMV music scene. She dedicates the majority of her time to perfecting her own sound and improving her songwriting skills.  In May 2021, Helen released her first single, ‘Forgive Me.’ The track was a hit from the get-go, garnering listeners from more than 100 countries on Spotify alone. 

Her new single ‘Morals’  is highly melodic and very well-executed. The production value is great and the vocals are incredible. They add in some nice touches with little drops in the background to change things up a bit. It’s upbeat and sounds fantastic. Perfect for a long road trip or a solo jog!

Some of the synths have a trance-like vibe to them, and they’re followed by strong sonic breaks, all of which mix with her delicate vocals! Helen seems to be channelling her inner R&B recently, which is pleasant because she seems to have a true passion for the genre, resulting in excellent lyrics and melodies. Every part in this song feels completely natural — she’s swiftly establishing her own brand, which we can all appreciate! ‘Morals’ is a captivating and profoundly alluring piece that you’ll find hard to forget once it sinks its claws into you.

Enjoy listening to Morals here.

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