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Keanu Ienco-I Still Shine
Keanu Ienco-I Still Shine
Keanu Ienco-I Still Shine

Keanu Ienco-I Still Shine | Electric Haven

There is no doubting the title of this song. I might argue that he has just begun shining. Keanu Ienco is a passionate and talented musician whose tastes combine the delicate nature of jazz as well as prog metals surprise. His new track is called I Still Shine, and Keanu lets it all out with monstrous energy.

A blend of Julian Lage and Plini’s syncopation can be found in Keanu. His track has the soft subtle touches of him caressing the fretboard enough, yet moments where he can shred though a few seconds with ease. This momentum of being able to easily navigate through notes and diatones puts him on the cusp of creativity. Moments of his song just abandon the heaviness to create a fluidic transition. At other times, it’s like a dam broke.

As a Native American guitarist, he tries to incorporate elements of his culture in his artistic depiction and product. Christmas Time is Here was a popular track he released in 2020, which has quite a lot of streams on Spotify. Last Christmas, he released I’ll be Home for Christmas with Stollgan, his first collaboration. We’re excited to hear more from Keanu Ienco. He has the direction, drive and the tone we all want to hear. It’s all on his fingertips.

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