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jagas - comment on s'aime? en avant toute(s)
jagas - comment on s'aime? en avant toute(s)

Elevate Your Mood with “Comment on s’aime? en avant toute(s)” by Jagas    

Introducing Jagas: This band is a force to be reckoned with, thriving on musical activism and unfazed by limitations. Their anthemic songs are powerful, blending a rebellious attitude with an air of vulnerability. Jagas is more than a band; it’s a movement led by frontman Thomas Humbert, a co-founder of the En avant toute(s) group. En avant toute(s) provides a safe space for young adults affected by sexual violence, which is complemented with proactive measures and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. Jagas stands face to arm with these causes in mind, improving their voice with every electrifying note. Join the revolution – where music meets change.  

Jagas has come up with a new single, “ Comment on s’aime? En avant toute(s.)” I just absolutely loved the whole ambiance and the delightful vibes the song exuded throughout. Rich production and high-quality vocal delivery speak volumes about the musicianship of Jagas.  The Latina influences in the song give it an appealing, addictive vibe that entices you to put everything down and join in on a happy dance. The beats and bassline are well produced, resulting in a pulsing rhythm that complements the track’s energetic spirit. The synth work adds depth and textures, enriching the musical arrangement of the song. 

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The ebb and flow of the composition are skillfully executed, drawing you into its captivating rhythm. The dynamic vocal delivery is what makes the song stand out. There is not just an excellent and vibrant vocal performance, but there is also a rap-style delivery that adds an unexpected twist to the track.  A delightful addition to the song is the accordion, which elevates the happiness quotient to a state of euphoria. “Comment on s’aime? En avant toute(s.)” is an invitation to celebrate life’s joys and dance freely. With its infectious melodies, skillful arrangement, and unexpected twists, this track is a must-listen that will undoubtedly leave you uplifted and thoroughly entertained.    

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Enjoy listening to “”Comment on s’aime? En avant toute(s)” by Jagas here.

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