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Ruby Topaz | Rabbit Hole | Zeppelin Days | Rock and Roll
Ruby Topaz | Rabbit Hole | Zeppelin Days | Rock and Roll

Ruby Topaz – Rabbit Hole | Zeppelin Days

Ruby Topaz is a band that exudes passion and sincerity in their music. The band’s influences are wide-ranging, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and this knowledge of rock music is evident in their signature sound. Being a big fan of John Maclaughlin myself, this piqued my interest! Then i noticed the evidence of a sitar sound weaving in between the guitar riffs. Now, I understand the influence. A beautiful style of music that is a tribute to the golden era of rock music!

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Mark Bram describes Ruby Topaz’s music as having “the glam and theatrics of Cooper and Bowie, the sophisticated rock of Queen, the power and urgency of early Zeppelin with the melodic prowess of early Beatles.” Bram’s high-pitched vocal range, inspired by Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, adds a unique touch to their music. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Mark Bram also teaches Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese martial art. This discipline undoubtedly influences his creative output, which is evident in the atmospheric and passionate sound of their music.

“Rabbit Hole” showcases a traditional approach to musicianship, songwriting, showmanship, and production, with real people playing real instruments. Mark Bram’s guitar playing, inspired by guitar heroes like Jimmy Page and Brian May, adds tasteful pyrotechnics to their music.

The album starts off ‘Rabbit Hole’ a beautiful single with intertwined sitar melodies that just hit all the right spots. The entire track is building up to a crescendo with powerful vocals getting higher and higher pitched. But, i still cant get over the sitar melodies, an amazing touch. The second track ‘Dream Running’ feels like an interlude, that is extremely psychedelic. I am literally falling through the rabbit hole now, just noticing the patterns around me as they all come together to form meaningful imagery.

One standout track from the album that particularly caught my attention as a rock enthusiast is “You’re Still Running.” This song showcases a harder edge and a slightly psychedelic twist to Ruby Topaz’s sound, making it one of my personal favorites. Mark Bram’s signature vocals blend seamlessly with the powerful guitar work, creating a unique and enjoyable listening experience. The band’s quirky aesthetic adds an extra layer of intrigue to the overall sound, reminiscent of great psychedelic bands like Hawkwind and the later works of The Beatles. If you’re a fan of psychedelic rock, “You’re Still Running” is definitely a track worth checking out on this excellent album.

The album ends with ‘Save me’ a straightforward track that clearly shows you why Mark Bram compares Ruby Topaz’s music to Led Zeppelin. The vocals are very similar to Robert Plant, almost got me confused for a second. The high pitched screams are bleeding Led Zeppelin, accompanied by soaring guitars, this track feels like a tribute.

The album cover for “Rabbit Hole” was designed by Mark Bram himself and skillfully drawn by his mother-in-law, Katrina Ginzburg, with help from his wife, Katya Ginzburg-Bram. The album is a must-listen for fans of rock music from the 60s, 70s, and beyond. Check it our here :

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