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The Hybris-What if
The Hybris-What if
The Hybris-What if

The Hybris-What if | In another time

The Hybris are the superhero assemble you’ve always needed. Sure, the Avengers can pull off politically relevant shtick in their movies. This collective aims in making catchy, fun and socially conscious music that packs a twist. Their adherence to a genre is minimal, they leap as they please, and why shouldn’t they? They’re heroes. This is their latest single, What if.

With a funky undertone, this is an alt-rock track that explores the hypothetical. That is, if it were rooted in reality. The ideas they propose just take heart, not an alternate dimension. Using progressions that pack a stride and really sell this mythological supposition, The Hybris know they’ve got a quality track under the belt. By all measures, from the bridge to the breakdown, this group knows how to shuffle through genres while creating a danceable, distinct track. What’s more, it’s a hell of a thinker too!

Their album released earlier this year, Music, Vol.1 has had quite the reviews for an indie band. Though the members are close friends and have made music separately, they’ve come together here, for the common good. If the villain is Vicar Mediocrity, we have these axe and wand wielding superstars to bring us a sight to behold.

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