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Life in the Bog – Alec Berlin | Emotional Odyssey

Alec Berlin’s Ep Life in the Bog is a musical journey spanning 6 songs that teleports you through a potpourri of various diverse genres. The album boasts everything from jazz fusion elements with smooth classic rock soloing and everything in between and the unorthodox composition used by Alec Berlin will leave you wanting to have another go through the whole album.

The album starts off with the title track Life in the Bog in which you truly feel a sense of introspection where the minor elements and the eerie sounds in the composition beckons this overall sense of self realization but in a sense that is not absolutely a positive experience. Alec Berlin truly drives home his ability to write meaningful but diverse passages as this song is in stark contrast to the rest of the album but also fairly similar in certain other other places.
The very next song ‘What I Wish I Had Said’ illustrates a very masterful change which sounds very natural hence does not feel like a misplaced track in the context of the album. Which leads into the other point that this album really drives home that is the observation that the track placement is absolute perfection and manages you to move seamlessly through the diverse soundscapes.
Iota(Not One) further delves into much more experimental territories and delivers on another vibe which was previously unheard of in the two previous tracks further expanding the scope of the album which then moves into jazzy elements and classic rock sounds in President’s Day which is nothing short of a welcome change.
The next song on the album ‘Flatbrush Jaywalk’ introduces more sounds to this already stacked album with more progressive elements interspersed with slow moving serene sections with acoustic elements and synths that make the heavier riffs stand out. And this is finally followed by clever titled ‘ROYGBIV’ which does live upto its namesake as the song feels like a meandering journey through the complete spectrum of colors and have regular sections of escalations where the music departs from a feeling of clear blue skies to one having small clouds scattered throughout but the sun still managing to shine through. The song truly manages to act as a fitting ending to the whole album and leaves you feeling a sense of glee.

All in all this album is a rollercoaster of diverse soundscapes and truly an experience that should be felt firsthand. Life in the Bog showcases Alec Berlin’s proficiency in songwriting and warrants you to listen and take in the entire album multiple times with your eyes closed to partake in this journey where you feel everything this album has to offer and experience the magic of impeccably composed music.

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