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Silas Armstrong – So Much for Love (Live at Fiction Studios) | Broken Soul

Silas Armstrong, a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom, plays his album “So Much for Love” live at the Fiction Studios, where he also releases the songs without any unnecessary sophistication. The melody keeps you engrossed till the very last note. The order in which the songs are performed has been carefully selected. The tunes are really intimate, and the words are simply expressed entirely through the piano, which effectively grabs the listener’s focus. The performances never lose their intensity, and the sorrowful plot takes on a lovely arc.

The performance opens with the song “I Love You Always Forever,” which is sung tastefully with the Grand Piano perfectly matching the vocal melody. From the very first note, the emotion and honesty are palpable. Each line is sung with such passion, and the intensity is visible as he thoroughly immerses himself in the song’s ambiance. Lyrically, the songwriting is incredibly detailed, using natural analogies to share his thoughts artfully. The ambiance begins to draw you into the performance as the song unfolds. With the second piece, “Liar,” the tempo picks up. This is a heartbreaking song in which he pours his heart out, describing the suffering via the lyrics. In the performance, there is an underlying sense of rage in love and a scream in suffering. He also improvises at the conclusion, which adds to the anticipation. The song captures your attention from beginning to end, which is admirable and indicative of a well-crafted, faultless composition.

The third composition, titled “Giving up,” will make you cry like a broken heart. The writing contains such profound phrases that it grabs you right in the heart. The vocal lines are organically supported by the piano. The playing is modest, yet it emphasises the proper portions, making the performance incredibly dynamic. The song is really peaceful and will help you immerse in the atmosphere. I enjoyed the song’s progression, which serves to build the mood from the very first cycle of the piano. With the next song, “Lost on You,” the chromaticism becomes even more intense. The bass tones have now struck a significant chord in our hearts. The song is delivered with tremendous power, and the album’s energy has been steady thus far. The lyrics are delivered with a strong sense of conviction. The song’s bridge contains a subtle modulation that was a pleasant surprise and helped to boost the song’s atmosphere.

So Much for Love” is a fantastic musical composition. The melody easily transitions from one section to the next. This song was a wonderful experience to listen to, and it will surely make you feel something. The chord voicing and Silas Armstrong’s voice timbre were a perfect combination. The songwriting is outstanding. In this difficult moment in his relationship, he wonderfully depicts his complex emotions. As a listener, we start to fall for him since he says things openly and with a lot of conviction. The words keep you engaged throughout the song, and there’s a lovely arpeggiated piano melody towards the conclusion.

The final piece, “Amber,” conveys his exhaustion and tiredness in the relationship. We can sense the struggle and turmoil in his thoughts by the way he utilises texture to depict it. He is now given up on being persistent in this love relationship. The performances will undoubtedly move you to your core and are maintained as authentic as possible. The imperfections in live music are what make the experience perfect, and personal bonds are deepened as a reward.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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