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Paul Menel – Spirit of ’66
Paul Menel – Spirit of ’66

Paul Menel – Spirit of ’66 | Spirited Football Anthem

UK artist and songwriter Paul Menel has a lively and spirited new football anthem with his latest single Spirit of ’66. Paul is based in the West Midlands. “Spirit of ’66” is a rallying call by Menel for the English football team to rekindle its winning streak. Tired of Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner, and The Lightning Seeds being overplayed to death, Menel thought of attempting a novel football anthem.

The single art cover features the popular image of the now late Queen Elizabeth II, with Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in the background, presenting England captain, called the greatest defender of all time, Bobby Moore with the World Cup trophy.

The song begins with crowd noises, a horn sound, and a commentator praising a great performance soon moving into a stomp-stomp-clap beat. The beat is then overlayed with crunchy guitars and some spirited vocals by Paul Menel. Featuring a smooth blend of pianos and guitars and a bass that ties it all together, the song is masterfully produced.

Paul Menel reminds that St. George, the dragon-slaying, patron saint of England is calling the team to regain its past glory. The song concludes with crowds singing a song in praise of the team. The song is incredibly catchy and groovy. Vocal harmonies and multiple vocal tracks raise the overall sound of the chorus making it sound grand. Some really great earthy songwriting couples with a life-filled soul. This is a song that all football lovers, especially English ones will adore.

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