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The Hybris - Impostor Syndrome
The Hybris - Impostor Syndrome

The Hybris – Impostor Syndrome

The Hybris has a sensational presence. Fueled by burning energy and high-passion, their soundscapes are powerhouses booming with revolution and wreckage. The LA-based, German alternative rock band source punk styles and grind it into a dominant hard rock presence. In their latest release, Impostor Syndrome, The Hybris puts on a show of depravity as they delve into themes like self-identity; compelling us to ask ourselves the demanding question, Who Am I?

The track is a menacing drill worked up by a company of gleaming riffs, sizzling basslines, and vivacious beats. It is the perfect union of power and tragedy. Like a broken star, the vocals whirl across the enraged atmosphere created by voracious guitar melodies. Vocal growls and stone rock textures carve deep grooves into the track, its acidity purging us of all pretense. The song portrays a hellish landscape; spreading terror and sinister taunts to leave a debris of broken minds and torn lives in its wake.

The Hybris debuted in 2022 with their ten song album, Music, Vol. 1, in which they first introduced their visceral style and dystopian narratives. Named after the Greek tragedy ‘The Hybris’, the trio are musical vigilantes who ensnare us into a flaming world of rock and dissent. Composed of Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison, and Malcolm Mandrill, the band writes and produced all their work in their joint virtual recording studio.

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