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Molosser – Solid Gold (Barebones Sessions) – Live | Floats so effortlessly

Molosser, a Swedish songwriting duo, just released a live recording of their song “Solid Gold” from the Barebones Sessions. The Molosser is made up of Tess and Jahn. The performance is extremely serene and wonderful. The music is delivered in such a simple manner, with no additional complication, that it immediately resonates with you. The words are allowed a lot of room to bloom and release their scents into the atmosphere. The lyrics are further embellished with a plethora of subtle, delicate subtleties that capture your attention. The performance’s recording does an excellent job of capturing such moments. Imagine what it must have sounded like if you had heard them live. The vocal performance has a lot of control over the technique, and it’s interesting to hear how she delivered it.

When it comes to the vocal performance, this is unquestionably a superb example of outstanding performance. Every word she sung was dripping with emotion and dynamism that slammed into you like a tonne of bricks. It does show that she put her heart and soul into every word she expressed. The guitars added a nice touch to the performance. As we all know, the guitars are down-tuned, which allows for a wide frequency range and deep undertones, as well as a delicate rhythm that keeps the pulse rolling while enabling the singer to fly above it all. The ideas are quite outstanding and make a lot of sense. I’m hoping that the performance will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners from many genres around the world. Without a doubt, a really stellar performance!

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