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Stacey Jackson – Flipside |Joyous Experience

Stacey Jackson, a singer-songwriter, has released a new record called “Flipside“, which is a total banger. With the amazing opening, the tune simply pumps you up from the first beat. The soundtrack includes some contemporary use of old disco sounds from the 1980s, as well as funk tints. The chorus is really tight, and the vocal equivalents light up the passages to such pleasure. I realised halfway through listening to the music that I could stop myself from grooving to it. Every time I play the music, it continues to have an influence on me, and I can’t stop swaying to it.

The songwriting is quite upbeat. It talks about winning every battle and inspires you to never give up and never give up trying. It demonstrates the confidence to believe that nothing is impossible and that with repeated attempts, we shall succeed. The hardships are beautifully represented as a joyride, which is a very lovely notion. The words are kept simple so that we can follow along with the tune right away. The atmosphere is quite upbeat. I’m confident the song’s enthusiasm will energise everyone who hears it. This will likely pique listeners’ curiosity and encourage them to return.

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