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Ten Fields – Butterfly | Pleasing Tones

Ten Fields has released a new song called “Butterfly.” The song’s pace has such a lovely quality to it that it holds you softly and completely immerses you in the scene. I enjoyed how Ten Fields took their time building up to the verse, allowing the mind to first become involved in the ambiance before fully absorbing itself as the stanza progresses. Following that, I am confident that no listener will switch the track in the halfway. The mood is soothing and inviting, and it’s one that listeners will want to return to. The modulations sound really natural and give the arrangement an intriguing colour palette.

The song is dynamic as a whole. When it comes to the arrangements, the song starts with Piano chords, which is essentially the song’s primary progression. Later on, E. Piano layers appear, making the track more bright and colorful. The vocals and harmonies add a lot to the overall feel of the song. We sense the peacefulness in the voice performance. The mood is prioritised, and the layers don’t take up too much room, allowing the melody to breathe. The song has endearing features that will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of listeners. It does make your thoughts calm and allow you to rest for the duration of the song.

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