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Psychedelic Revolution – I Will Be Free | Intimate

Psychedelic Revolution aka Psyche Rev, a Singapore-based singer-songwriter, has released his new tune “I Will Be Free,” which genuinely moved me. The songwriting takes us through many happy memories as well as some painful ones. Because it presents such honest views of reality, the greyness in writing truly impacted you hard. The performance is so authentic that it feels like we’re listening it live. The song has a soulful quality to it. It is kept modest and natural, and there are no distracting noises. This is an experience that you must have in order to appreciate such profound creations. I’m interested about Psyche Rev’s life circumstances that led to the creation of this incredible song. The music will undoubtedly be with me for a long time.

The layout isn’t grid-based; rather, the flow is rather natural. This resulted in a tremendous level of personal depth. Psyche Rev gave himself over totally to the song. He sung every word with conviction. The song made perfect sense since it touched every single chord. It achieves the goal of creating and recording the song, which is to affect you and touch your soul. Such lifelike performances are becoming increasingly rare nowadays. The song truly spoke to me as a listener, and it never grows tiresome even if you play it over and over again. The voice has a certain personality that makes Psyche Rev sound so unique. I am confident that listeners who have the tolerance and space to listen to and connect with the music will feel it strongly, making the song memorable for a long time.

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