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Selina Laubert Pieces of My Life
Selina Laubert Pieces of My Life

Selina Laubert – Pieces of My Life

If there’s something about Finnish music, it’s that it’s deep; it’s introspective, driven, and makes you think. Selina Laubert’s “Pieces of My Life” is no exception; in fact, it only serves to drive my hypothesis home.

A tasteful piano riff sets the stage, with every chord provoking thought within the listener; the rest of the instrumentation kicks in later with an acoustic guitar at the sides accompanying Selina’s sweet vocals, as she sings in melancholy; the drumming is tight and groovy; making this song into the perfect melancholic ballad for one to listen to when it’s raining out and there’s the urge for something deep.

And meaningful, it is; the usage of the distorted electric guitar in the background– a staple of Finnish rock– playing second fiddle to her soothing– yet powerful– voice. The song speaks of struggle, pretence, alienation, and a million other things best described by the song itself; like Selina says it herself, “like a puzzle no one can solve”. The second section of the song brings in even more varied instrumentation; and the whole song ends in a confluence, with Selina returning to her opening motif, giving a feeling of the song having come full circle.

To play with all of one’s musical tools with this much agility is no easy feat; and “Pieces of My Life” sets a brilliant example of a ballad done right. It’s definitely on my playlist now and it should be on yours too!

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