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Star 2 - Run Away
Star 2 - Run Away

Star 2 – Run Away | Comforting

Star 2 has one of the most inspirational backstories ever. Having been born in a Thai refugee camp in Burma (Myanmar), he found his way to San Diego where he developed his affinity towards music. With the help of his musician uncle, he crafted his sound and built a career out of it. Star 2 cites Pop icons like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Luh Kel as some of his inspirations. He often writes with themes of love and heartbreak and he does so beautifully. Having amassed 21k streams on Spotify with listeners from Los Angeles to Mumbai, he has worked extremely hard to get to where he is.

His latest release, Run Away, is a melancholic, groovy, fluidic number that is absolutely inspirational. The beat reminds me of some of my favourite artists of the genre — Lil Peep, Xxxtentacion and Post Malone. The 808s are deep and heavy which is extremely therapeutic. The bass reverberates through your skull and into your soul. Moreover, Star 2 has a voice that cuts smoother than a knife through warm butter. Everything about this track is comforting, inspiring and somehow reaffirming that things will get better. It’s almost like a synecdoche for Star 2 and his uphill battle throughout life. His flow is absolutely sublime and works so well in the mix. Moreover, the little melody that plays over the drum and bass is like the constant reassurance of good no matter how bad things get.

While you hear the lines I just wanna go away / Just wanna run away / Got me thinking fuck the world you also realise that Star 2 sticks it out. While he deals with all the stuff life throws at him, meanwhile, he’s also making moves for himself. He has a rather extensive discography and his music keeps getting better.

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