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Comilitunes – Where Things Go | Nostalgic

Comilitunes is a three-piece band from Munich, with Lisa Istenes on vocals, Mina Lichtenberg on the bass and Constantin Hauck on piano. Their soundscape is a blend of elements from jazz, pop and soul.

Where Things Go”, is the band’s debut single. Starting with a nostalgic piano intro around a single note and Lisa’s lively vocals, it moves on towards a tasty arpeggio. The mid-section of the song has a distinct piano solo with mind-bending chord progressions. The song speaks about feeling close to someone in the moment, without thinking about what will happen next. Not worrying about the future, and living the present moment that you have with someone to the fullest. The song is very delicately recorded and produced, capturing the complete spectrum of the emotions behind the performances. It transports the listener to this nostalgic space and makes you forget about everything that’s been troubling you for a while.

The ambience of the song gives a taste of melancholy, accompanied by a pinch of nostalgia on top of a beautiful romance. With the brilliant songwriting, distinct chord progressions and the passionately delicate performances, “Where Things Go” leaves the listener in a relaxed, dreamy space, as it takes you on an inwards journey, and makes you curious about what more the band Comilitunes has up their sleeves. It would be really interesting to witness this band’s developing sound with their future releases.

Be sure to check out their upcoming album “Home tonight” , which will be released on the 22nd of April

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