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Sol Ether-Golden Head
Sol Ether-Golden Head
Sol Ether-Golden Head

Sol Ether-Golden Head | In awe of death

Sol Ether reflects on the modal mythicism that surrounds us. With a new imposition and angle, they have released their debut album called Golden Head. Call it a voyage through the nether or a return to the purity of death metal, there is a literal shake-down of epic proportions here. Let’s dive into what might be molten matter.

Spire of Fate might be an introduction, but view it as a premise that will unfold. With chants and a resonating groan, there are things that depict doom and a sense of destruction. The track flows into Morrigan, their single that has the tempo of sludge. However, the shift is in the approach, like I stated earlier. The growl is absorbed into your bones as the overdrive can send your teeth down your gullet. Focusing on melody instead of blistering, confusing speed, the track settles in the new ordained riff with an unsettling fury. Moments after the 4:30 mark, the track shifts gears to an eventual barrage of blast beats and gutturals.

The title track is next, with a demonic bassline that definitely sets the tone. In isolation, it is alarming in ways, before the explosive entry renders us motionless. The amplified, jarring riffs counter-play with the lyrics while bringing in superior fills that sound like grenades fired from a Gatling gun. Developing with character and story, the tones shift as the tale does-the winds suggesting a change in temperature. Their most obtrusive track in terms of arrangement, it plays with the sands of time.

Heading to demonic destiny

Through Time is an intermediate for the altering exposit, imagery and mental disposition the key. Unyielding Yew utilizes a great thrash/death metal style riff to create a solid track. There is filth in how the chorus is composed, there is no way of approaching this without spraining your neck. Windswept comes next, an epic in itself. This is something that should be expected to become one of their best. With effects and styles bringing the mob in with this sound, this track creates what is a plethora of tales, within a tale. The bridges connecting the verses are the most interesting, the cause and effects within a propulsive aspect of this song.

Call of the Sidhe opens with a flute, a surprising and welcome canorous change for the album as well. It plays a role in setting a picturesque but sepulchral image for those listening, going straight into Freedom. Bursting with energy from the opening, a nasty hook brings in the exact essence of this track. Like the greatness of Death, the magic is in the rhythm section, building on riff after riff, with the macabre imagery being rampant with their desired accents. From instrumentals to time changes and use of silence to create a disarray, this band takes steps forward with the intention of meshing chaos and melody in dramatic fashion.

There are more than one reasons to listen to this album. They just gave you 8. Listen to the tale of the terrible with Sol Ether here. We promise you, it’ll shift the tribulations of time:

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