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Skar De Line – No Eyes In Paradise | Grandiose

Skar de Line is an electronic and symphonic musician with a unique perspective on the world. Hailing from Sweden, Skar de Line’s music is heavily influenced by metal, hip-hop, and movie soundtracks. His lyrics often attempt to answer more questions than he can, drawing inspiration from the dark side of human nature. Skar de Line is particularly fascinated by the concept of borders and the human obsession with self-understanding. Through his music, he challenges listeners to view the world through a different lens and to question their assumptions and beliefs. If you’re looking for something different in your music, something that will make you think, then Skar de Line is definitely worth checking out.

Skar De Line’s latest single, “No Eyes In Paradise,” displays the finest qualities of an unsuspecting melody. Skar De Line’s “No Eyes In Paradise” has an intoxicating ambiance. The song starts off with expertly crafted beats that are already on fire, while the background vocals are full of energy and power. Then, this song takes a turn for the better when it presents Skar’s powerful and passionate voice, which is one of my favourite things about this song. His voice is distinctive and hits all the right notes for me. The song is so grandiose and excessively opulent that it is raised to be stately and valiant. The chorus, and the spirited and cheerful melodies are so exhilarating. A new sound, to say the least, Skar de Line presents a beat-driven electronic pop song that reassures us that he is an artist like no one else. With his unique lyrical interpretations and style, this unique recording is inviting and captivating. This track creates its own sense of awe. With that said, if there is one thing I can say about this track, it would be that “No Eyes In Paradise” deserves nothing but your time!

Video is coming out on November 17th. Mark the date!

Enjoy listening to “No Eyes In Paradise” here.

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