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Moon and Aries - Break The Matrix (Episode Three)
Moon and Aries - Break The Matrix (Episode Three)

Moon and Aries – Break The Matrix (Episode Three)

Moon and Aries is a composer-singer duo composed of German composer and producer, Tom Aries and Canadian singer-songwriter, Jordana Moon. Together, they create an enigmatic brand of electro-pop, dance, trip hop, and trance. There’s a sense of timelessness about their music. Drawing from old school influences and introducing them into modern arrangements, the duo rearrange nostalgia to suit the new age. Their latest album, Break The Matrix (Episode Three) is the third installment of Moon and Aries ‘s nine song “Trilogy” concept album. The three crisp three-song episodes are extensions of each other, forming beautiful arcs of a full circle. 

The duo have a gift for manifesting outworldly mystique. This third part is characterized by the underpinning credence and a sense of clairvoyance. Set apart by its dimensions and resounding depth, the three tracks create their unique reality and truth. 

The album opens with Illumination Society. Its glassy sonics saunter glistens with the magic of the vocal vapors. A mourning cello bassline snakes underneath the shadows of melodies, undetected; their value realized in emphasizing the song’s outline. The blooming melancholy is offset periodically by bright synths and choral harmonies. 

Never For Me follows with brighter euphonies. The neon blue synths are an ubiquitous sensation that is texturized by the unique cascading vocal form. Its rivers flow with melodrama, driven up by the dance beats. Subtle moments of acoustic piano melodies punctuate the free flow of the song. 

Following with a whimsy, From Another Dimension, is a technicolor delight. With vibrant movement is pulled in all directions by the silver skirmishes. The roaming basslines create a sense of endlessness; an infinite loop. Spiraling vocal design further dimensionalize the track as disco beats blow through the kaleidoscopic soundscape. 

These three tracks are outfitted with cosmic sensibilities and accentuated with the ominous character of sci-fi sounds. Mingling with the soul in the vocals, this collection induces a lysergic dream sequence. 

The album is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to the Break The Matrix (Episode Three) album by Moon and Aries here – 

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