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The Routine – Under The Circumstances

The Routine is a Cambridge and London-based Rock band that was formed in 2019. Their debut EP titled, “Under The Circumstances” came out in 2021. The Routine loves playing live shows and can’t wait to get back on the road!

Album Track List

Under The Circumstances opens strong with the intro track, “Too Many Times”. Lead vocalist, Liam Palmer with his heavy vocals, gives us a taste of what the album is going to sound like and the aggressive guitar riffs do compliment that vocal tone. It’s a very loud track, typical of rock songs, and I’m loving the energy. Most songs don’t sound interesting enough till the last chorus, but this one ends with a bang! The outro riff is interesting as well.

Moving on to track number two, “Do It For You”. The intro riff sounds a bit iffy at first but then your ears get tuned to it and that’s honestly really cool! The distorted vocals in the chorus are amazing and I like the break he gives in the last bar before the interlude. Good use of tension and release! The guitar licks suit the track and fit in with the rhythm very nicely. I actually ended up singing along with the hook – “Do it for you…”, it’s quite catchy.

Track number three has a very interesting name – “Come Knocking On My Bedroom Door”. Starts off beautifully with an acoustic guitar intro and a really simple riff on the electric. A bit different from the previous two tracks. Lyrics are about lost love (I assume), and I guess The Routine wants to portray a feeling of nostalgia. I personally loved this line – “I came so close to say three whole words to you”, it’s so well sung! It has a decent bridge, but some of the instruments are too buried in the mix according to me.

The five-minute-long track, “Rest”, is the first track in the album where I have noticed the soft synth pads that fill up the ambient space. Drums are introduced nicely and the strong guitar melodies in the chorus make me want to sing along! Sounds like a song that would kill live!

The carefully selected guitar tone throughout is similar on every track and that gives this album a relatable “sound” which is really nice and familiar now in track five. “I don’t ever want to lose part of me that’s always you..”. These guys write such amazing lyrics! I haven’t spoken about the bass yet, but on this track, it sticks out with the drums as the foundation of the composition.

“Take Me Back, Tuck Me In”, is the final track of the album and it’s my personal favorite! All of you readers with a soft spot for acoustic songs are going to love this. It has a completely different energy as compared to the other songs. The guitar is recorded really well and the carefully written chord progressions blend in with the vocals nicely. It’s much “softer” than the other songs which is apt for an outro track like this.

In Conclusion

The Routine would kill a live performance. It sounds like a well-recorded live album with strong vocals and guitar riffs that well, just fit together. Mostly rock-oriented songs that sound a bit like Austin Winkler from Hinder, maybe even a bit of Linkin Park. So, I guess if you like Lips Of An Angel, you’re in for a treat with this album! And if you don’t, still do give it a listen and enjoy some wonderfully written rock songs!

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