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Juliano-Lamento | Sea of sympathy

Suppose an eye, peering into an ongoing meditation. If you were to create a waveform for the same, Juliano would be able to do it musically. His compositions are a cinematic respite, from the chaos that folds around us. This is his latest, enrapturing and superbly crafted single, Lamento.

To lament is to complain. If the emotional bracket could be formed by just audio, the strings and piano that Juliano uses can capture it in detail. His effect comes from the understanding of the event, and the emotions. Clouding like a mist around the feeling-is the sorrow that echoes in the melancholy. It is essentially a stroke of genius, how he has brought something so vivid and calculated, yet with a plunge into emotion with this song. It is a tapping into desire, ambition and goal-yet says nothing like this with words. Really listen to how fluidic the changes he brings into the song are, they are delighting and truly a unique experience.

I urge you, truly urge you, to explore his other songs. With non-verbal cues, essentially, he has painted a picturesque possibility of a dream and more. The explorations vary, but with his skill to break into each feature is where he has gained mastery. It is truly the eye of the beholder, where he/she can understand the treasure. Listen to his brilliant compositions here:

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