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Strumbrush – Still Motion | Hypnotic

Strumbrush is an interesting art-rock band that began as a bedroom indie solo project. Strumbrush is a four-piece experimental group. Captivating rhythms and exquisite melodies characterize their compositions. ‘Way Back,’ the group’s debut album was produced as a collaborative effort. The album is packed with all the essential surprises. The pleasant, comfortable vibe of the old times is still present, but the band has added some gritty noise to their music with “fresh” sounds. Within the band, there are many different artistic concepts and emotions.

Offering a blend of styles, this band provides listeners with a glimpse into the bandmates’ varied influences. Some of these consist of grunge and alt-rock. The band provides a dynamic backdrop for songwriter Foster Wells’ passionate vocals, featuring Tyler Sherman on bass, Kale Schaffer on drums, and Jack Pace on guitar.

The album’s ‘Still Motion’ track is smooth and addictive. The chords are gripping—it’s like they’re made of pure velvet. It’s easy to get lost in them, but the vocals bring you back gently so that you don’t feel off-balance when the song moves into its next phase. The musical arrangements are also incredible here. You can’t help but feel like you’re floating away into some kind of music-induced meditation. Close your eyes and drift away. If a song like ‘Still Motion‘ doesn’t get you to kick back and relax for just a few minutes, nothing will!

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