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Herald K's Mythologies
Herald K's Mythologies
Herald K - Mythologies

Mythologies, Herald K’s Latest Album, Finds the Vienna-Based Artist Telling Tales Through Blissful Music

When you witness and hear the flawless execution of prolific artistry, the feeling is nothing short of unparalleled bliss. The latest album of singer-songwriter Herald K, Mythologies, is the perfect example of a similar feeling which you will surely experience once you listen to it. Born in Norway, Herald currently resides in Vienna, Austria, and is pursuing his musical career over there at present.

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Right from his childhood days, Bob Dylan has been Herald’s initial source of inspiration when it comes to music. However, he used to aspire to write novels but gradually settled for poems, and from then on came about the guitar, and it was not long before when these poems soon took the form of songs with melodious compositions. His compositions are easy-to-listen and bear no complications at all, and thereby, the innocence and simplicity make it a cakewalk for the listeners to connect with the songs of his latest album Mythologies instantly.

Narrations of ancient tales through music that touches the soul!

A significant choice of taking a different lyrical and compositional root is the crux of Mythologies, Herald K’s latest album. If you are curious as to what this unique direction of lyricism and music might be, you definitely have to listen to this album. But here’s a little information just to set the mood for you before you tune in to the songs. The primary idea behind this album’s songs is basically combining events and tales from ancient literature along with contemporary music with acoustic arrangements. No wonder Herald has succeeded in making ancient mythical themes resonate so well with modern-day listeners through this beautiful album of ten songs spanning about forty-three minutes and sixteen seconds.

The songs of Mythologies are excellent narrations of different stories, with traditional acoustic folk music adding to the beauty and intensity of the tales. You will surely get an abundance of country, folk, musical as well as lyrical styles, and each song is nothing short of a wholesome listen, let alone the whole album that leaves you calm, satisfied, and happy.

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So, if you are fond of tales and music alike, then hurry up and give a generous listen to Mythologies, Herald K’s latest album, and you can rest assured that the songs will mesmerize you and it will be nothing short of a treat to the ears. You can listen to the album here:

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