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Laura Tsaggaris – Get in the Mood | Christmas Covers

With Christmas less than a month away, there are many songs getting added to holiday playlists daily. Here’s one album you will surely want to keep on your list!

Washington-based singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris’ recently released an album of festive songs called, ‘Get in the Mood’, – a 13-track collection of Christmassy originals and covers. The record features bright instruments, emotive melodies and just the right amount of sleigh-bells! With primarily acoustic instruments to accompany her cheerful voice, Laura’s showcases her exuberant renditions on this album.

Get in the Mood Album Tracklist

The record begins with the groovy self-titled song, Get in the Mood. A lively track with catchy riffs and engaging lyrics, driven by distorted guitars and energetic percussions. “Everybody grab someone / Keep on loving and have some fun / Don’t you worry / It’s all good / Just share the news with your whole neighbourhood / Everybody let’s get in the mood” – Laura’s puts a modern touch to the Christmas sound we all know and love. The track also features nice beat changes and is quite dynamic, so don’t expect a completely upbeat dance number, Laura is very expressive and knows how to reel in listeners!

Mariah Carey’s Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) is one of the most-loved holiday tracks of all time and Laura’s rendition of it is absolutely spectacular. Her powerful voice is enhanced with her mature tone and she sings both high and low notes with ease, making her performances a pleasure to listen. I particularly liked the string solo in the outro section where all the instruments blend in; great energy on this track!

Bright bells and a panned drum rhythm introduce Laura’s cover of Sleigh Ride. Guitars, both acoustic and electric play along with a solid bassline – a rock-inspired version of a classic Christmas song! In addition, the rich background harmonies and keys add a lot of colour to the track. Don’t skip over the exciting outro section, it’s a banger!

If you love the blues, you’re going to really love this next track! Laura takes you back to the 60s with her modern version of a Chuck Berry classic, Run Rudolf Run. Featuring strong megaphone vocals and aggressive guitars, this track is one for the dance floor.

All I Want For Christmas has been performed by artists all over the world for over three decades and it’s one of those holiday songs that expresses a lot of emotion. Laura’s rendition is a dynamic blend of vocals and instruments that features both mellow verses and big choruses. If you weren’t aware of what an outstanding singer she is yet, this track does an excellent job of showcasing it.

Laura’s spin on Last Christmas is a fresh combination of rich harmonies and familiar rhythms. A simple drum beat carries the groove of the track, supporting the lead melody quite well. It also has a synth instrumental and a nice beat change; a lovely cover of a well-loved song.

With only strings and a nylon guitar, Laura shares her emotional version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It’s a nice change of pace after hearing a few danceable tracks; not saying that this isn’t one! You could slow dance to Laura’s version and maybe shed a few tears even, yep, it’s that moving.

Who would have ever thought there’d be a psychedelia-infused Christmas song on this album? Laura plays around with synthesisers and electronic sounds on her rendition of Blue Christmas. It’s like a progressive rock version of the Elvis classic and even has hints of Latin melodies. With captivating atmospheres and bass-driven beats, Laura takes you on one hell of a journey on this track. My favourite track of the lot by far!

Back to the rock-inspired sound of the album, What Christmas Means to Me features familiar guitar-driven rhythms and a tight bass. The simple production and infectious melodies make this a fun track to listen to! It seems Laura is back in her element with her fantastic vocals and catchy choruses.

If you’re familiar with the popular Sarah McLachlan version of Christmas Time is Here then you’re in for a great surprise. Laura’s rendition features an interesting slow-beat, jazzy version of the track with delicate vocals. The warm guitar lead adds to the mellow aspect of the track, a very chill vibe – emotive and laid-back at the same time.

Laura shares her RnB version of The Christmas Waltz , a creative take on a Frank Sinatra number. It’s great how Laura’s experimental approach to these covers turn out, very inspiring and engaging. Her vocals, as usual, are smooth as butter and are undoubtedly the highlight of this track.

Remember (Christmas) is another mellow track for your playlists. The perfect song for the times when you just want to wind down and relax. Picture yourself in a warm room on a cosy snowy day, looking out the snowflake-decorated window panes, with Laura’s comforting voice by your side. It doesn’t get better than this, does it?

‘Get in the Mood‘ ends with the elegant Feliz Navidad. A lovely piano melody accompanies Laura’s vocals on the first half of the track. The track grows in intensity gradually, with strings and soft harmonies being introduced as it progresses. A perfect track to end this amazing album – very serene and heart-warming.

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