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Activ8te | Teardrop Falling | Futuristic | Electronic
Activ8te | Teardrop Falling | Futuristic | Electronic

Activ8te – Teardrop Fallin (feat. AENDZI) | Futuristic space electro

The Silicon Valley is the startup capital of the world, the hub for innovation and revolution in the IT space. What if I told you that there was music from artists here that aligned with the ideals of the Silicon Valley? I mean in any demographic with a lot of innovation and revolution, there is always new music! Activ8te is making futuristic electro pop that sounds like any other electro track but the theme and story behind the music is what makes him stand apart. Its as if he has come back to us from the future just to show us that you can even use music to do this!

Activ8te is an electronic music producer who apparently makes music for Silicon Valley techies. He works in security and managing engineering teams during the day as Niels Provos and in the night his alter ego Activ8te takes over. The Cyber House Collective is a group of security researchers and indie artists that come together to make music together. Activ8te and AENDZI, under the umbrella of The Cyber House Collective, came together to create this futuristic song about how DDos attacks are becoming a popular way to censor the internet. It also connects to many years of censorship by repressive governments, such as Russia and China.

“DDoS and Censorship are persistent threats for the digital world we move in. May this cybersecurity themed house track distract you from that.”  – Activ8te

Wow! What a noble cause to make music for! Music with purpose goes a long way today because people just want a purpose, a meaning that can drive them through life. If music can steer you in this direction, then Activ8te is a new age ‘Guru’ from Silicon Valley! The song doesn’t only have a backstory to make it interesting but also some really creative and well finished production. It starts off with the vocals and has no long introduction. Not wasting any time and getting right to it, with a solid kick and bass that’s just rumbling in the back throughout the track. The strings that go with the kick and bass acts as melodic leads that just give the track the necessary hook. Weirdly, even though the kick and bass are there throughout the track, the vocals seem to take the center stage. Some amazing singing by AENDZI!

Really good work with the overall mix but my favorite part is toward the end when there is a distorted voice that just adds a very industrial vibe to the track. Really good work and a beacon of light to those that are into cyber security and to those who want to get in. He makes it seem interesting and also makes you understand the need for cyber security and the bad governance of the internet today. A futuristic electronic track that not only entertains but also educates. Its like Neils has invented the television again.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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