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Love Ghost Haunted House
Love Ghost Haunted House
Love Ghost Haunted House

Love Ghost’s Alt Rap Rock Hauntingly Catchy Fusion With ‘Haunted House’ Review

Love Ghost, an LA-based alternative hip-hop based rock act, has taken a bold step in their musical journey with their latest release, “Haunted House” featuring BrunOG and FLVCKKA. This collaboration showcases the band’s willingness to experiment and expand their horizons, blending alternative rock and emo rap with a Latin-inspired twist.

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The song kicks off with a catchy sample riff that immediately hooks listeners. Led by frontman Finnegan Bell’s expressive rap sections, the track seamlessly merges with a hip-hop trap beat produced by the talented Latin Grammy nominee, BrunOG. Adding to the diversity of the composition, “Haunted House” impresses with lyrics in both English and Spanish, featuring a compelling verse from Mexican artist FLVCKKA.

The fusion of genres and languages sets “Haunted House” apart, and Love Ghost has successfully crafted a unique sound that captivates both alternative and hip-hop fans. The haunting theme of the song, enhanced by the eerie lyricism and mysterious atmosphere, draws listeners into a thrilling haunted experience. This willingness to experiment adds an exciting layer to their evolving musical identity.

The song is a chilling yet addictive track that takes listeners on a journey through haunting halls and ghostly apparitions. With its memorable guitar-based riff, powerful rap sections, and a mesmerizing trap beat, the song lingers in the mind long after the music stops. Love Ghost’s “Haunted House” is an audacious and innovative release that brings together different musical styles in an enticing way. With its infectious energy and memorable hooks, the song is bound to leave a lasting impression on both existing fans and new listeners alike.

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