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In a flash by AstroVoyager
In a flash by AstroVoyager

“In a Flash”: From the Depths of AstroVoyager’s Imagination Emerged a Dazzling Synth-Pop Gem

Step into the electrifying universe of AstroVoyager (Philippe Fagnoni), the French composer, performer, and electronic music producer who has been nominated for the 2019 Independent Music Award. Inspired by the electro-explosion of the 80s and driven by his fascination with space, AstroVoyager is a multifaceted and innovative artist who creates music that pushes the boundaries of electro-symphonic sounds. His unique style invites listeners to embark on an audio-visual journey through the infinite depths of his imagination. With his creative prowess and passion for music, AstroVoyager is set to leave you spellbound and wanting more.

AstroVoyager’s latest single, “In a Flash,” is a mesmerizing piece of music that takes you on a journey back to the heyday of 70s-80s disco. The track is a collaboration with Angie Violinist, whose contribution adds a layer of haunting melancholy to the already complex arrangement.

At the heart of the track lies the intricate storytelling of the synths, whose melodies weave a mesmerizing narrative that simply cannot be missed. The song’s diverse range of elements makes for a rich, hauntingly beautiful soundscape and grandiose in equal measure.

The ethereal vocals (Alexandre Chassagnac), reminiscent of opera, add a haunting quality to the track, while the pulsating beats and synthesized strings infuse it with a touch of melancholy that leaves a lasting impression. Each instrument is given space to shine, and the attention to detail is remarkable. Listening to the track is like unwrapping a present, each layer revealing something new and exciting. As the layers of sound unfold, you can’t help but hit play again to experience its magic once more.

With its infectious rhythm, mesmerizing melodies, and intricate details, AstroVoyager’s “In a Flash” is a must-listen. Once again, AstroVoyager has cast his musical enchantments upon us, leaving us utterly captivated by his latest composition.

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Enjoy listening to In a Flash by AstroVoyager here.

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