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“Atlas” by Matt McKnzi: Great storytelling, laid atop soft RnB

Meet Matt, an independent singer-songwriter and producer who’s obsessed with narrative. He loves mainstream pop, hip-hop, and R&B, but his unique perspective sets him apart. Matt sees the world through the lens of storytelling, and his music reflects that. Keep reading for my thoughts on “Atlas”!

From the very first second, the lens of storytelling takes you over as you’re drawn into the gentle beat, and the lyrics that sit atop it. There is a sense of comfort, of soothing, and the synths in the background create the perfect atmosphere for one to take the lyrics, and the story behind it, all in.

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The lyrics describe a sense of emotional burden and the desire to break free from it. The mention of Ohio suggests a connection to the place, representing memories and emotions associated with it. Matt expresses the need to let go of the weight of the world, indicating a struggle with overwhelming challenges. The reference to “Cat in the Hat” and drug use suggests a rebellious or carefree attitude as a coping mechanism– be that as it may, the lyrics are a mix of emotions that all come together to create a beautiful listening experience.

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The vocals, as I may have hinted at, are the standout aspect on “Atlas”– the style is gentle and easygoing, with a focus on simple, minimalist melodies that have just as much potential to get stuck in your ears as they did in mine. Over the three-minute runtime of this song, I was consistently catching myself humming the melody and harmonising– cementing to me that the songwriting and the lyricism is really, that good.

The production is minimalistic, and simple– almost a homely atmosphere, yet, in this case, the sound is full and the stage is alive and animated. There is a lot of movement in the percussion department, with elements that give the instrumental a whole load of move and bounce– something that I quite loved as well.

Overall, “Atlas” by Matt McKnzi represents a track that I would enjoy listening to on repeat, and that is a hallmark of great songwriting. Check out the song here!

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