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dame zina- fairytales
dame zina- fairytales

Exploring the Unique Soundscape of Dame Zina’s New Genre-Bending Alt Pop Album ‘Fairytales’

Dame Zina is a dynamic father-daughter duo that creates music in their garage. She writes songs inspired by girl power, while he combines gritty synths with crisp beats. They enjoy every moment of the musical journey as a creative family band working from their basement. They are united in their enthusiasm, and she contributes writing and vocals while he contributes playing, writing, and producing. Their music is a fusion of electro, poetry, nature, love, and dreams, and it reflects what they care about feminism, freedom, and emotions. They passionately invite you to soak in their music.

Dame Zina, the talented duo, has released a new extensive album, “Fairytales,” with 14 songs in total.

“Sirène,” an intense and compelling tune, opens the album. The musical arrangement strikes a great blend of subtlety and impact. The female vocal work, on the other hand, completely blew me away. The music has an eerie undertone, but it’s done in an engaging way that contributes to the overall delight.

“Witch Circle” deviates into EDM pop territory, resulting in a head-bopping experience from the first note. The pulsating bassline, paired with retro-sounding electro synths and sensual female vocals, makes an incredible track that gets better with each passing moment.

“On a Rainbow” is an alternative pop track featuring fresh beats and consistent synths in the backdrop, creating a canvas for deep, sensuous, and emotive vocals.

“Alone” has a gripping musical composition that combines gritty synths, scary sounds, and innovative beats to create a hypnotic experience. The female vocals add to the overall upsetting atmosphere. However, the second part of the song elevates it to new heights with more intense musical arrangements, a powerful chorus, and dramatic vocals.

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“Palace” captivates with a mysterious atmosphere right from the first note. The song steadily builds up, with subtle synths and beats keeping you on the edge of your seat. At 1:27, it transitions into dance music with head-bopping vibes and vibrant intensity. The vocals are excellent, as usual. If you’re looking for a track that transports you to a new world, this is the one!

“Morphée” unfolds with exquisite keywork that deeply resonated with my soul. Despite its simplicity, the minimal instrumentation creates an emotional impact that emphasizes the duo’s artistic brilliance. I feel in love with Zina’s female vocals. Such polished pitch and emotional variations are nothing short of phenomenal.

“Golden Dust” starts with disturbing ambient sound effects that will make you feel like you are flying high in the air. The song embodies a dark, horror movie kind of vibes, with gloomy beats, scary synths, unusual sounds, as well as intimidating vocal performance. Additionally, intermittent spoken elements strengthen the song’s overall unsettling atmosphere.

“Fatalités” by Dame Zina is the epitome of a breezy, laid-back track, inviting you to unwind and subtly sway along. An ideal addition to your chill-out moments.

“Once upon a time” commences with a prologue delivered by Zina, providing insight into the song’s narrative. The soothing quality of the prologue, complemented by gentle background music, creates a relaxing atmosphere. The smooth transition from prologue to full-fledged song is a standout aspect, with drums gradually entering and synths quietly supporting the arrangement. The song combines speech with singing so well!  The song has created a hypnotic ambiance that transports you to a different universe brimming with possibilities.

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“Dragons and Fairies” by Dame Zina is another surreal composition that effortlessly integrates fantastic electronic components with a dark and scary vibe. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander with the song’s powerful energy. It has the ability to get you on your feet and lose yourself in the music. The recurrent musical components create a psychedelic atmosphere. Despite being the album’s longest song, lasting over seven minutes, you can’t get enough of it.

In “Missis Sun and Lady Moon,” the energy shifts from hypnotic to upbeat. The crisp beats, bassline, and synths are extremely tempting. The electro alt-pop song feels fresh. Zina’s vocals strike a chord with incredible energy and passion once again.

“Master Goddess” takes you on a trippy journey through an electric dance track with techno vibes. It’s like dancing the night away, surrounded by neon lights and vibrant energy. The song effortlessly transitions through various tones while maintaining consistent ambient vocals.

“La Nuit” serves as another electronic earworm with brilliant synth variations and passionate vocals. It carries an unsettling vibe, but you’re going to enjoy every bit of it.

The incredible album concludes with the soothing “Lullaby for a Fairy.” After all the energetic tracks preceding it, this song acts as a balm to the soul. It features dreamy and heavenly vocal work, complemented by emotive keys. The choir-like subtle chorus in the background elevates the overall calming aura of the song.

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Enjoy listening to “Fairytales” by Dame Zina here.

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