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“The Higher Road”, Garland Kelley: Engaging, positive country

There is just that kind of song that you would associate with a happy memory– the kind that has a positive, cheery outlook right from the word “go”. Nashville-based modern rock artist and music producer Garland Kelley’s newest project, “The Higher Road”, is just that kind of song. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The production strikes me, immediately, as sparse, but tasteful– Kelley, armed with just a guitar and a great ability to form harmonies and melodic relationships, against the world; and Kelley wins every time. The result is a pleasant, heartwarming melody that reminds me of a warm fireplace-lit home in the middle of November– just comforting.

The vocals are also well-executed, with the presence of the persistent harmonies adding a layer of depth and dimension to the song that I came to quite appreciate over my time with this song. The layers form excellently well, and there is just cohesion and glue throughout the journey of the song. A+ job on the harmonies and the singing, I would opine. Overall, the mix sits quite pleasantly between my ears, a tingling sensation of the guitars charming each side of my skull as I sat down to critically listen to this song.

This song leaves you with a feeling of warmth, one of hope above the misery; light at the end of the tunnel if you would choose to believe so. I loved listening to “The Higher Road” by Garland Kelley. Check out the track here!

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