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Josh Long – Tidal Waves
Josh Long – Tidal Waves

Josh Long – Tidal Wave | Surfing The Rock

San Diego-origin and San Francisco-based rock singer-songwriter Josh Long has a mesmerizing new single titled Tidal Wave. Josh Long, a self-taught producer, and guitarist with over 10 years of experience was born in San Diego and now calls San Francisco home. His profound ties to California can be heard across all of his songs. He has a distinctive musical fusion of vintage instruments with contemporary indie-pop songwriting. The single art cover features a skeleton with sunglasses playing a guitar and surfing on a wave. That is some stunning imagery that will get you interested and hooked.

Tidal Wave is a rock song with well-crafted songwriting that keeps you engaged with its flow. The bass line is well-rounded, while the clean guitars form the backdrop, along with a solid groove. We get a sweet guitar solo filled with personality. The single also consists of a pleasant acoustic guitar unplugged version and composed vocals with a pristine tone commencing the song. The musical flair gives his songs a positive energy as well as a nostalgic and laid-back atmosphere. Josh Long hits the ball out of the park!

This is a catchy, joyful, and uptempo, rock song with a catchy, upbeat tempo and compelling lyrics. The song features a prominent guitar riff, a driving drumbeat, and lively keyboards. The vocals are lively and upbeat, with the chorus being particularly catchy and memorable. The overall sound and feel of the song are light and happy, evoking feelings of summer, freedom, and positivity.

Josh has had a profound interest and enthusiasm for music from a young age. His early musical influences were classic rock, disco, pop, country, and blues. With Tidal Wave, Josh Long seals his style as a master songwriter.

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