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Tori Boltwood – Wicked Woman | Eccentric, Refreshing
Tori Boltwood – Wicked Woman | Eccentric, Refreshing

Tori Boltwood – Wicked Woman | Eccentric, Refreshing

Tori Boltwood is an ardent singer and songwriter with a very unique style of music. Her genre is a mix of a few but has a loud and clear presence of retro undertones. One would also notice how her music is authentic in every way. When you listen to her music, you would be experiencing something completely unique and never heard before and that’s her best thing.

Tori Boltwood is all about versatility and her recent track release proves that in more than one way. She recently released a track called Wicked Woman that has all the eccentricity that a song can possibly have in terms of music, but at the same feels super refreshing. The song has a badass vibe that instantly makes you hooked to it. With a groovy tune and a sight upbeatness that lingers throughout the track, you would notice how everything in this song resonates with your alter ego that wants to be confident and a badass. You would be in awe of how beautifully the song progresses. It starts off slowly and then becomes something very interesting. From the very beginning itself, you would notice how the energy in the song invigorates you and leaves you in a better mood altogether. 

The vocals are something that would drive your special attention. You would be surprised how Tori is able to execute such fine vocals, especially because the whole vibe of the track demands a lot of creativity and perfection. But she does it beautifully!

Let’s know what the artist has to say herself!

1. What was your main inspiration for creating Wicked Woman?
Wicked Woman was written to embody a fierce Anthem about the respect women and all people deserve. It was created because I was struggling with my own internal strength and confidence. How I was experiencing that I was being judged and labelled by others simply for the fact I am a woman. This song is about how women and people, in general, don’t have to be controlled by social pressures. That any human being doesn’t have to have to love another to love themselves and who they are as an individual.

2. Are there any special highlights in your career that are close to your heart? Have there been any special moments?
writing my song “I Love You More” for my late grandmother and then releasing it on her birthday is a moment I will always think of as super special musically for me. It made me feel her presence even though she is no longer physically here on Earth. Henceforth that song and moment will always be held close to my heart.

3. Who were your role models while growing up? And presently, whom do you admire in the music industry?
I was raised on a lot of classic rock music growing up. But one of my role models as a young kid was Adele vocally. She made me believe that my vocal type had a place in the musical world. Today I continue my love and admiration of original-sounding artists. Such as Swedish artists Isak Danielson, Billy Raffoul, Spencer Sutherland, Sasha Sloan, Forest Blakk, Faouzia and Alec Benjamin. All these artists have really risen into the music public eye but for many of them, I have followed and listened along since very early on in their careers in music. All of them have outstanding skills with lyric writing which is very important to me. Yet most importantly it’s their original sound that continues to influence and inspire me daily.

4. How do you define your music?
My music in my opinion is best defined as authentic and original. I spent a lot of my youth feeling weird about how my voice wasn’t like the typical voices I heard in most popular music. It took a lot of self-love and letting go of what I thought my music had to sound like to truly make headway in creating music that reflected who I was as an artist. I think my music is interesting and strong and allows me to enjoy having a soulful vocal range and show that you don’t have to change your sound or copy others in order to be worthy of success and happiness.

5. Tell us about your favourite song that’s your own. And why is it a favourite?
As I mentioned before, I Love You More is one of my favourite songs for an emotional reason. But also another one of my favourite songs I’ve released is my song Con Artists. It’s one of my faves because I had a lot of fun making it and writing the lyrics which are far more cinematic and poetic than some of my other songs. I also really enjoyed the rock and classical music mix we did production-wise. It just was a music piece that truly allowed me to enjoy the writing process and just let go of trying to make the song “relatable”.

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