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The Nied’s Hotel Band - Take That Train
The Nied’s Hotel Band - Take That Train

The Nied’s Hotel Band – Take That Train | Rocking Joyride– 

Pittsburgh veteran band The Nied’s Hotel Band have released their latest single Take That Train which is a blues-infused rock banger. The Nied’s Hotel Band consists of vocalist John Vento, guitarists Tim Hadley and Jim McCullough, along with keyboardist Fred Delu and saxophone player Ed Jonnet. We also have Eugene Perry on bass and Greg McIltrot on drumming and vocal duties. Ed Jonnet also plays with popular Pittsburgh rock and soul band The Rhythm Kings. The song was recorded at Klint Macro’s Cobblesound Studio.

While the song has its share of standard blazing guitars, we have the piano as a primary rhythm instrument along with some retro rock phrasing piano solo. The song deals with the difficulties of maintaining romantic relationships while pursuing life as a musician in a band. Take That Train fuses the live feel with studio production to great effect. This ensures that rawness is maintained while we get to hear the best recording for streaming consumption. The lyrics were penned by vocalist Vento while Hadley included some tasty slide playing along with McCullough’s tight rhythm section.

The song was written in the early 90s by Hadley. It has influences from New Orleans funky rhythms and improvisatory blues rock. The saxophone lead and piano as a melody instrument is something that sets the bands apart from the usual rock template. The track has its share of instrumental chops on display with a piano, saxophone, and guitar solo! No shortage of shredding and instrumental goodness here along with the vocals and standard song structure. This is one rocking train ride by The Nied’s Hotel Band you bet you’ll enjoy!

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