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Yelgo7 – Central Park | Refreshing

Yousuf Elgohary, better known by his stage name Yelgo7, is an Egyptian American singer and composer who creates his distinctive blend of hip hop, EDM, alternative rock, and reggae. Yelgo7 is a lyricist, and his music is inspired by artists such as Logic, Jay Z, and J. Cole. Yelgo7 has released 14 singles, including “Lover” and “Let’s Live It Up Now,” in collaboration with electronic music producer Richard Kneen. Electrifying beats and catchy hooks create his music, and his lyrics are often about making the most of life and living in the moment. His music is both fun and thought-provoking, and it’s sure to get you moving.

Yelgo7 has released a new single, “Central Park.” If you’re looking for a new song to add to your summer playlist, look no further than Yelgo7’s latest release. “Central Park” is a feel-good track with a catchy melody and easy-going beats. The rap interlude adds a bit of edge and personality to the song, making it stand out from other pop songs out there. I loved the way the vocals were raw and full of emotions.  The overall feel of the song was amazing. With its rejuvenating melody and upbeat tempo, the song is sure to leave your toes tapping along. Whether you’re chilling at the beach or cruising around with the windows down, this song is sure to put a smile on your face. Also, The light-hearted mood of the song is perfect for lazy days spent lounging in the park with friends.

Enjoy listening to Central Park by Yelgo7 here.

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