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“Truck Stop Dangerous” by Trickshooter Social Club: Good ole Americana rock-and-roll

Trickshooter Social Club characterizes their music as “a bit whiskey-soaked and seasoned by the world,” delivering a distinctly American sound. Their music combines elements of grungy, fuzzy rock and roll, guaranteed to get anyone’s head nodding in no time. In their recent release, “Truck Stop Dangerous,” they aim to do exactly that. Continue reading for my thoughts on this album!

“Truck Stop Dangerous” is a solid debut EP from Trickshooter Social Club, a band that seamlessly blends elements of Americana, rock, and blues. The EP showcases the band’s strong songwriting skills, tight musicianship, and unique blend of influences– right from the first song, “Beautiful”; an upbeat, for-the-roadtrip style song that gets you grooving from the very start. From heavy funk riffs to rock and roll and country influences, the song unfolds a spectrum of colourful music, and as we journey through this song and into the second, “Clarksdale Serenade #2”, this continues, with the honky-tonk pianos blending themselves with the guitars and the vocals.

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The blues influences are evident here, and the rare blend with rock and roll, makes “Truck Stop Dangerous” quite the entertaining listen, all through its runtime of 4 tracks. Some other special mentions include the violins on “Lie To Me”, which are unique and distinctive in their execution, as well as the mildly slower-paced “Elvis Figurines”, which does quite a lot of experimentation with the drumming and the production, as well.

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The production is delightfully funk and rock-n-roll with a lot of country and Americana influences, from the pumping, driving guitars coupled with the dance-friendly rhythms; and it, overall, makes for quite the listening experience that takes you from high to high on energy, while still managing to not jolt and overwhelm one fully– with the transitions in energy quite beautifully done.

All in all, “Truck Stop Dangerous” by Trickshooter Social Club encompasses a variety of musical styles, and as they continue to put out new music, it is exciting to me to want to find out what the future holds for them. Check out “Truck Stop Dangerous” here!

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