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Wind Walkers-Dead Talk
Wind Walkers-Dead Talk
Wind Walkers-Dead Talk

Wind Walkers-Dead Talk | A vibrant return

It’s been a while since we went post-hardcore/metalcore. All hail it, of course. It has a surreal amount of energy, drive and lyrics that make you want to conquer your next task. Wind Walkers have been professionally making music since 2016. From their first EP The Shadow Thieves in 2016, we are 6 years down the road. The reflection is of a band still wild, still fired with ambition. This is their latest single, Dead Talk.

Everything I write will be rendered useless. Such is the initial power and kinetic Wind Walkers are hitting us with. With my favorite era of Bring Me the Horizon (let’s be honest that was a great period), this group makes sure they’re resting the grooves hard. Dead Talk is a djent, clean vocals and great harmonic packed surprise, and we are sad that only a single was released.

Face My Fears was their last single in 2019. It was an experimentation, pop inspired track, and showed a new sound of the band that many hadn’t heard. Now they sound like an alternative Skyharbour, making the most of the power they’re packing with supreme instrumentals reigning over the sound. The vocals are just as expressive, with a hybrid of clean and gruff complementing each other. If this is the song that ends their 3 year songwriting hiatus, they’ve made a perfect call.

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