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Sophia Prise – M A N I F E S T E N T | Astonishing

Sophia Prise‘s new single ‘M A N I F E S T E N T,’ which is an absolute banger, has fully charged us up. The song’s upbeat tone would have us all hyped and ready to clap along to the beat. The writing taps on nerves that would completely strengthen us from the inside out and make us emotionally strong enough to overcome any hurdles and fight against any uncertainty. Even the vocal performance carries the power responsibly. The delivery has the right attitude and toss to truly punch us in the core and redirect all of our energy towards attaining everything we want. Throughout, we will all feel powerful and confident.

The song’s production features an electronic textural palette that will completely immerse listeners in the ambiance. The usage of arpeggios is quite intriguing. They’re stacked in such a unique way over numerous levels. So many amazing production aspects that would actually make the sound space so engaging excite me. The groove is excellent, and the added vocal production adds so much to the intensity and keeps the song’s pulse continuing. The portions flow easily into one another. In every layer of the song, the impact and powerful tone are maintained. I am confident that the strong words and energising voices would captivate listeners.

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